.::: I CE COCO :::.Doudi::: [[NEW!]]

Leona Olivieri released her 2nd Skin Line! 

This is DOUDI! Look at this beautiful face! Every Skin comes with a Doudi Shape also.

6 of 36 available make ups!

a. Doudi SKIN.3.PALE

b. Doudi SKIN.14.PALE

c. Doudi SKIN.6.PALE

d. Doudi SKIN.23.PALE

e. Doudi SKIN.36.PALE

f. Doudi SKIN.26.PALE

3 of the 11 Blush Make ups!

a. Doudi SKIN.G.4.blush.Pale

b. Doudi SKIN.E.4.blush.Pale

c. Doudi SKIN.F.4.blush

 Also in the store 2 Boxes with Dollarbies containing 3 Shapes & 2 Skins! Join the group for another gift!


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