Lady Thera's splash of color presented by JOLEP TRENDY

Today i was at the Fashion Show @ JOL presents TRENDY… unfortunately i couldn’t take pictures of all the pretty outfits, u know SL, lag and the long rezz time… but here are some outfits that i could take a picture of… with the description 🙂 Have fun!


Matisse – Luna Myanamotu is wearing the first finest piece of art …. in a kaleidoscope of blues tinged with silver …… gloves matching with an open “come hither” bodice to a median length dress …. Luna is an artwork of blue clouds and white clouds drifting into daylight …

Deep Garden – Gustav Klimt …Female subject of art….these female subjects, whether formal portraits or indolent nudes.. always elegant …..Sarlah is an exquisite example in the garden of love wearing this sheer but carefully concealed bits ….. back enticing …. imagine strolling in this maze of flowers ….Sarlah Maggs …. is more than an exquisite piece of art in this design…Sarlah an elegant picture of art ….

Boomerang Man – Dragonbird Amnoit is akin to a Spanish matador in this design — done in glorious colors of oranges, browns and faint yellows …. he will be the talk of the museum in this creation … with a black tee or without ….Dragon is truly the King art piece of the gallery.

Emile Galle -French designer Emile Gallè….. Futuristic, sexy, seductive is our very own Nemi McCoy in this amazing piece of art ….like a beautiful gold, brown, orange, yellow butterfly …. ready for flight …. flexies on the shoulders, double flexi mini skirt, gloves, blouse short pants and undershirt……Nemi is a totally in flight piece of art…..

Dolcelucce – William Turner – impressions….. Pepper Pevensey is truly seductively artful in this creation of soft browns and blues with hints of white —- like a sundae on a summer afternoon… succulent, tasteful…. with its body lights, textured undershirt, blouse, gloves, pants, waist protection and illumination flexi…. what a tasteful piece of art …. Pepper…

II Giardino -red Dots … Genevieve Kamala is akin to a patch of well placed roses in sheer .. from the painting Vincent Van Gogh … so unique!!! …. a choice of flexi or a cocktail skirt with amazing colors of red, yellow and a background of green in a glorious array of portrayed flowered beds …. Genevieve is a perfect painting !!

Impression -Paul Jenkins- Luna Myanamotu is showing off splashes of color !! … This triple flexi .. median & mini , with shoulder flexi .. gloves …so amazingly erotic from the colors to the off gathered off shoulder to the colors of blue, red, white, … true to the form of the abstract painting …. splashes of colors with Luna

Precious…….Sarlah Maggs is awesome in this splash of purple with hints of red and grey through out … blouse & jacket complement ….gloves… short pants… black transparent flexi over a scooped back with a double flexi skirt …Sarlah …says…. I am hot and I know it ….with a extraordinary neckline trimmed into an alluring V to an open seductive bodice….. the purples outweigh all colors in this beautiful painting …. Precious Sarlah!

Tango Dancing – Two versions of delightful blended colors .. dark & Light … Luna Myanamotu is appearing today in the lighter version of Tango …. two dresses …. Bright and dark … blouse.. skirt… gloves … pants & flexi…. all with a v opened bodice that calls out to that special one … to a tapered waistline that leads to a flared split scalloped sheer flexi … note that the v goes from front to back … very alluring in red, blue and yellow on one version and navy -black, red and yellow with spots of green on the other ….Luna is a complete piece of art …..

Moonlight – Paul Jenkins- Janina Scarmon in Moonlight Princess a piece of art designed by Paul Jenkins ….. cool bright Jacket…open seductive front… gloves, skirt, pants and double flexi all in splashes of predominately blues.. reds.. white.. purple .. to send that special one over the edge ….sheer double flexi skirt to paint a picture of total cool and calm but simmering for the onlooker ….. Janina… moonlight princess !!

Leroy Neiman — DragonBird Amnoit is dark and mysterious in this piece of art … in a Suit, dark pullover… underpants… undershirt… and black jeans…. again a medley of colors…beige …controlled by the color black …. so distinguished looking is Dragon in this work of art.

Jillian Convair (middle): Ladies and Gents here they are one more time the amazing, exciting TRENDY Models:

Luna Myanamotu, Sarlah Maggs, Dragonbird Amnoit, Nemi McCoy, Pepper Pevensey, Genevieve Kamala, Janina Scarmon

Sorry if i forgot to mention a model or could not post a picture of a creation. Visit the next JOL Fashion show. Join the InWorld group for more info. Interested in being an SL model? Send a Notecard to  Preciouss Metall.


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