The Platinum Hunt

The hunt will begin on August 8th and will run until August 31st.
The Platinum Hunt is a hunt like no other. It involves 100 brands, some of the best in SL to date. ALL items involved will be new and never sold before. The ‘theme’ of the hunt is platinum and diamonds. White, silver, monochrome tones are encouraged but not limited to. The item will be worth 400L or more.
Each item will cost 10L. Most hunts have free items but this small charge encourages designers to bring out the best of their brand better than a free item would. We understand that some people will be unhappy with this but there are many hunts in SL and they have to evolve to continue to be a relevant part of the fashion industry. I hope you join us in our first step of that evolution.
The hunt items will contain, when you get them, a notecard with one paragraph or less of a snippet of information about mental health. A factoid. It will NOT be a full length notecard. Scouts honour. So this event will also be raising awareness. Think of a fortune cookie. You open it up and you get something interesting to read, it just takes a second and then you can discard it and get the yumminess.
If you have more questions please feel free to contact a member of CHIC Management. Keira Seerose or Melisande Metaluna.
The brands involved are:
ISPACHI, DeeTaleZ, KMADD/MADesigns, Dahlinks Jewelry, Glam Affair, Magika, SIGMA Jewels, Gawk!, Exodi, Ducknipple, WoE, Swansong, TART, Mudhoney, Fall In, Bliss Couture, *ICED* Jewelry, CaLLie Cline, Acid & Mala Creations, III, LiNe, !tarnished, Awesome Blossom, {what next}, HOC Industries, Mynerva, BLITZED, Diesel works, Cobrahive, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry, Slutcookie, Dark Mouse, LoQ Hairs., KUNGLERS, Caroline’s Jewelry,Indyra Originals, LeeZu, Rockberry, fab.pony, FourSquares, Izzies, League, MonS, Berries Inc., Black & Blue Outfitters, T Junction,  LOULOU&CO, Luck Inc, Sissi HQ, SLink, [doll.], JCNY, RICIELLI, *Just Me*, Alexohol, Phoenix Rising, LacieCakes, Sassy Kitty Designs, :Fusion:, Fume’, <<< mannequin >>>, ATOMIC, *Reale*, Tyranny Designs, CnS E-motion, Son!a, skream!, Ploom, * Deviance *, Indie Rose, Adam’N’Eve, The Plastik, BAIASTICE, III [si:n], GLITTERATI, Mustache, Cynful, Hucci, KHUSH, Heart & Sole, Boho, [dekade.], Purple Moon Creations, Barcode, Intrigue Co., Exile, -abode-, Nyte’N’Day,  iPoke Piercings, Vivaposes, Baffle!, Posh, *TuttiFrutti*, Candydoll, My Precious, Dernier Cri, HYPER CULTURE, Reek, Heartsick Skins and Digital Knickers

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