HOC – Toasty Heels

Hello Lovelies! ♥

I am cleaning my Inventory 😀 and today is shoes day! I was sorting my shoes into folders like Boots, Booties, Pumps and sooo on and i saw some HOC shoes and remembered that i didnt visit for a longer time. So i went there and i saw those “new” Heels with legwarmers. So great for the winter season! You can wear pumps and you are still warm 😀

The heels come in various colors. You can change the legwarmers and the shoes colors. The quality is amazing and the shoes are 100L$ ONLY! I got them for myself and send some to a friend aswell because they are just perfect!

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Magika // Blonde Pack // Cori

Lollipop: *Boof. Eat Me Lolli (Red) (closed)

Skin: Garage *Megan skin*(Lazy Sunday) (not available anymore)

Dress: auTre FF2 Hunt item (not available anymore) <<y check the auTre store for great low price outfits!

and of course:

The Shoes: HOC Apparel – Toasty Heels


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rory Tremont says:

    Thanks for the auTre mention ;D you look great! xoxo Rory!

    1. you are very welcome! I like your little store! great outfits…

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