cStar Limited – The Art of Goth 2013 Special Edition Skins! *FREE*

Introducing the new year full of Art skins from cStar Limited!  Throughout the year you shall receive a gift from cStar under the theme “The Art Of”.

The Art of Goth is the current gift.  You can win 200 prizes total!!  Yes 200!  I didn’t mistype that.  40 tones and 5 lipstick options.

These prizes are only for a Limited Time!

Here is how you can win:

-Lucky Chair- Open to anyone. 20 min timer. 40 previously selected variety prizes limited quantity.  When the chair says it’s empty of prizes is when it will be restocked.

-Lucky Board- For Platinum Group Members only. 40 different previously selected variety prizes NOT limited quantity.

-Gatchas- Includes all 200 prizes to win.  There are 5 gatchas. Each gatcha is a different lipstick option for your skin.  Price is L$10 and will go up L$1 a day.

Good Luck Collecting them all!  Don’t forget you can sell me any cStar Skins you have!  Just leave me a notecard at the front desk of cStar.

Also for Sale are the eyes and eyelashes you see in the ad.

TP to cStar here


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