XY Room from April 1. till April 20.

Hi Ladies, here are some new Items of the XY Room Event, all Items are under 100 L$ , you can finde more here….

Teleport to XY Room

Click the pics to see them in full size…..

Outfit 1:
Corsett & Skirt: .:FD:. Dazzled
Horns: Persefona

Outfit 2:
Dress: VELOCITY White & Black Lola Mini Dress
Antlers: *Tentacio* Spring Antlers , black

Outfit 3:
Pants&Shirt&Vest: XY–KlubWerK.her –OUTFIT#001– (MESH)

Outfit 4:
Dress: oO{VF}Oo- Spring Peplum (XYROOM Exclusive)
Antlers: *Tentacio* Spring Antlers , yellow

Outfit 5:
Skirt&Blazer&Shirt: .:TBO:. Dr.Cooper outfit XY

Outfit 6:
Shorts&Shirt: Luas Urban Style – Indie Girl
Antlers: *Tentacio* Spring Antlers , pink

Outfit 7:
Dress&Hair: ..:: E d e n. ::.. Temptress dress (with hair) for XY

Outfit 8:
Corsage: [FIEND] Leo – Mesh corset DUKEPACK *wear me*

Outfit 9:
Pants&Blazer&BH&Shoes: StormCrow Design’s (XYROOM Exclusive)


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  1. Wow! This is just amazing.

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