Moonlight Part 2 Ducknipple Special

Hi @all!
Here Part two of my Moonlight adventure.
An evil cat ☺
Here’s what attracted me the cat:

PIC 1:
HAIR: Magika [01] Please  NEW!!
DRESS: DN Mesh: Sloan Dress w HUD  NEW!!!
SHOES: DN Mesh: Lena – Shoes w HUD  NEW!!
SOCKS:  ~Sassy!~ Temptation –

PIC 2:
HAIR: Magika [01] Please   NEW!!
CORSET: DN Mesh: Ryla Corset w HUD  NEW!!
SKIRT: DN Mesh: Mirna Skirt w HUD  NEW!!
BOOTS: DN Mesh: Zaar Boots w HUD   NEW!!
SOCKS:  ~Sassy!~ Temptation –

The story is not over yet.
Kisses Annabell  ♡♡♡


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  1. This is very cute! i like it 🙂

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